What’s the Difference between the SportStar MAX & Harmony LSA?

The Harmony Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) is the refined version of the worldwide successful SportStar Max & brings further performance and comfort enhancements:

  • Faster Cruise
  • 4 in. Longer (Giving Options for More Leg Room)
  • Increased Clearance Between Pilot And Co-Pilot Pedals
  • Optional Footsteps (For Easy Boarding)
  • Redesigned Nose Wheel and Nose Wheel Steering System  for Enhanced Ground Handling
  • Transparent Inspection Covers  (Allows For Quick Pre-Flight Inspection)

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4 Responses to What’s the Difference between the SportStar MAX & Harmony LSA?

  1. David Flournoy says:

    Where can I get a copy of the POH for the Harmony?

    • Amy Minnich says:

      The POH is specific to each aircraft due to equipment installation. We can provide a digital copy of your POH once we know your N-Number. What is your Harmony’s N-Number?

      Best Regards,
      Amy Minnich

  2. Niklas Dellby says:

    the POH is a great way to get an idea of an airplane both its quirks and strengths.
    Currently looking for an airplane to buy, I would like to get a POH copy, exact equipment doesn’t matter- it is not for flying the aircraft, but for evaluating if it is the right one for me.
    Niklas Dellby

    • Amy Minnich says:

      Hi Niklas,

      Thanks to your comment, I am working to put a generic POH on our website. Hope you received my email containing the POH.

      Best Regards,
      Amy Minnich

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