What is the initial pitch setting for my propeller blades?

For Evektor Aircraft with 912ULS Engine:

The initial angle setting for Warp Drive propeller prop blades is 17.5 degrees.

For Woodcomp ground adjustable propellers, the initial angle settings are as follows:

Klassic 170/3/R – 17.0 degrees

SR200 R – 17.0 degrees

Propuls – 16.5 degrees


Once the initial angle is set, check the prop adjustment during engine run test.

Engine regime – full throttle

Max engine RPM should be 5150-5200

If RPM is higher – increase the blades angle a little bit

If RPM is lower – decrease the blades angle a little bit

Check with engine run test after ever adjustment

For Evektor Aircraft with any other type of Rotax engine, please email Amy your question.

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