What are Evektor Aircraft known for?

The basic characteristics of Evektor Aircraft are:

  • A premier metal Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) for leisure flying/touring , business travel, and basic pilot training
  • Uncompromising build quality based on certified aircraft production by EASA and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System
  • EASA spin tested (over 400 spins in all configurations)
  • Outstanding flight and performance parameters; popular basic pilot training aircraft in flight schools
  • Metal airframe with composite top, corrosion proofed, bonded & riveted skins
  • Durable landing gear
  • Ballistic parachute equipped option
  • IFR, Rotax 912IS, and Rotax 914 versions
  • Wide Range of Instrumentation Options
  • Panoramic canopy glazing with almost 360% all-round view provides you a perfect situational awareness and an excellent view

2 Responses to What are Evektor Aircraft known for?

  1. Christopher Waggener says:

    I found your site by using the “By Dan Johnson” website. In his website Dan listed your aircraft as having folding wings yet I can’t find any reference to them on your site. Do you indeed have models with folding wings?

    • Amy Minnich says:

      Hi Christopher,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on our website. Folding Wings are not available on any of Evektor’s aircraft models. Evektor’s aircraft wings can be removed for trailering, but trailering the aircraft is not a common practice.

      Dan Johnson’s website is a great resource for LSA information – I’ll let Dan know about the misnomer. Information about Evektor’s Harmony LSA, along with this message, has been sent to you directly Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Best Regards,
      Amy Minnich
      Dreams Come True Aviation LLC
      Evektor Aircraft Sales Representative
      Evektor USA Parts Manager
      LSRM & iRMT
      (937) 409-9303

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