Video Gallery

Broadcast on Live TV:

Cleveland 19 News ( 8/22/2016)

Evektor SportStar MAX owned by Dr. Rafat Ansari,

Watch the Video:…/…/330498/content/1nvFSwhx/gallery


Watch informational and pilot review videos on YouTube by clicking the pictures below:

Interview with Steve Minnich from Dreams Come True Aviation (7:44 min)

Evektor Harmony Video Featuring Steve Minnich

Harmony LSA (45 min) Pilot Review

Harmony LSA pilot review video

Harmony LSA (5:44 min) Review

Harmony LSA short video

SportStar MAX part 1 (6:43)               SportStar MAX part 2 (5:21)

sportstar informational video on youtubesportstar informational video part two

Check out all the video’s Evektor has to offer by going to their Youtube page:


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