Glider & Banner Towing

glider towing 190 by 190 in airglider towing 190 by 190 by groundbanner towing

The Harmony LSA is a reliable glider and banner towing airplane with fractional costs of operation compared to conventional GA airplanes. The airplane is certified for towing of sailplanes up to 700 kilos and also banners up to 140 sq.m. Extensive towing tests were performed, with different types of gliders (Duo Discuss, Janus, Ventus, ASK21, Blanik, L-13, Nimbus, SF-34, Cirrus, VT-116, VSO-10, Z-24, ASW-15, LG-425, etc.) from paved and also grass airfields and at extreme high air temperatures (34°C) . Low operation costs, outstanding flight characterisitcs kept also in towing and fantastic all-round view from the cabine make the SportStar MAX one of the best selling towing airplanes on the world markets.


Performances in Aerotow Flights

Configuration Rotax 912 ULS, Woodcomp SR 3000XC electrically variable propeller
Take-off run to 200 m (with Solo Blanik),
to 260 m (Janus)
to 300 m (Duo Discuss, 700 kg)
Take-off distance over 50ft bstacle 450 m (550 kg glider) -600 m (700 kg glider)
Rate of Climb 2-3 m/sec at 100-120 km/h depending on towed sailplane
Cruise speed 120-160 km/h depending on towed sailplane
Avarage fuel consumption 18 l / h

‎The Evektor Harmony LSA is certified for towing gliders up too 700Kg (1543lbs) and banners up to 140 sq meters (1479 sq feet)‎ and while a Sport Pilot is prohibited from flying for compensation, or towing anything. A private pilot who is qualified, can provide tows for compensation providing that he/she carry no passengers or any items on board for hire‎.

The FAA authorizes properly equipped and certified S-LSA to tow Light sport gliders and unpowered ultralight vehicles IAW 14 CFR 91.309. The stated tow limit on the Evektor is 700kg (reduced to 600kg 1320lbs for Light sport rules). Both the Harmony and the Sportstar Max can be equipped and certified for these towing operations.

Theoretically a used aircraft could be retrofitted; however the factory has never created a retrofit kit or authorized this as a non- production retrofit.  Under the LSA rules the tow package would have to come from Evektor along with and a Letter of Authorization from Evektor. DCT Aviation would be the one interfacing with Evektor and importing your order. There are significant structural differences making this a major modification.

We have some excellent used aircraft and look forward to working with you if you wish to have one built with your desired options.

 Ask Amy for the latest pricing sheet. This sheet provides the options available in each category along with their added weight and cost. Please note that the cost is listed in Euros and the weight in kg.

This sheet is not interactive and uses a lot of acronyms, so it might be hard to understand. We have plans to make a more user friendly sheet. As soon as the interactive pricing sheet is ready, we will send it too you.

In the mean time, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

The cost for a new Evektor aircraft depends on the equipment installed. The range is from 118,000 – 206.000 with most being imported at 155,000 – 165,000 USD. There are also several used planes currently on the market.Contact us and let us know what type of instrumentation or capabilities are you looking for in your plane?

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