Evektor has composite skis in stock. The skis were made in Russia. The skis are installed on the wheel axles – installation instruction provided with purchase.

The owner of Aircraft on the skis is fully responsible for the skis installation as well as for the Aircraft operation.


     Ski equipped with two bases mount front and rear stretching-over: 730 mm. and 410 mm. from axis of cabane – front 620 mm. and rear – 420 mm. Skis have a classic construction with a lifted toe end for the towing reverse. Construction – full glass fiber plastic with amplification inside the skis under cabane. Height from bearing surface to the axis of the cabane is 160 mm. Cabanes can be replaced for to any desirable size of the axis, it is possible to decrease the height of the cabane on 45mm. Skis equipped with a removable aluminum runners for movement on the ice and firmly compacted snow. Guying system for skis mount is developed.


Skis tests were taking place on EuroStar SL aircraft on the fresh snow, depth 40cm. with 2 pilots. The depth of all the skis was 20 cm, take-off distance to the detachment – 350-370 meters landing run – 40-50 meters.

On the snow with depth 3-5 cm or trampled snow with taxiing there is a possibility of turning around left gear.  Turning radius to the right side depends on density of the rolling snow (effectiveness of runners of nose landing ski).

Takeoffs and landings were performed with a side wind of 5m/s. Skis are not equipped with brakes. To increase the efficiency of turning right at the taxiing to push the handle completely away. Speed range and behavior aircraft in the air, with skis don’t make difference as with wheeled chassis. Skis are designed to overcome the unevenness of the “step” up to 90 mm.possibility of turning around left gear. Turning radius to the right side depends on density of the rolling snow (effectiveness of runners of nose landing ski).

Front landing ski

Weight – 4,6 kg., length – 1 m., width – 0,29m., nose lifting – 95 mm., Side edge

lifting – 10 mm, bearing area – 0,2 м2.

Main landing ski

Weight – 6,5 kg., length – 1,5 m., width – 0,28m., nose lifting – 95 mm., Side edge

lifting – 5 mm, bearing area – 0,35 м2.

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