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2 Responses to Sales and Service

  1. Charlie Robertson says:


    Are you going to be in Sebring in Jan 2015?
    Does the ELSA kit have pre-drilled parts and does it require any welding?
    Can a BRS parachute be installed?
    I am looking to purchase an LSA after the first of the year so I am looking for all the information possible to assist me in making my selection.

    • Amy Minnich says:

      Hi Charlie,

      Yes, we plan to be at Sebring this year. We’ve only missed it once since 2008 due to week long bad weather. The ELSA kit does not require any welding. It must be built as an ELSA as it does not meet the 51% build rule. There are two Ballistic Recovery Options available for your Evektor which are the MAGNUM SPEED SOFT 601 or GRS 6/600 SD. This option would need to be ordered when you order your kit as there are structures that must be factory installed to accommodate the parachute attachments.

      I sent you an email and attached a build manual from 2009. There have been a few changes, but it may be a good resource to see if the kit is a task you want to take on.

      Best Regards,
      Amy Minnich
      Dreams Come True (DCT) Aviation LLC
      LSRM, Rotax iRMT, Parts Specialist

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