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ROTAX Engine Options for Evektor Aircraft:

Engine Bombardier ROTAX 912 ULS Bombardier ROTAX 912iS Fuel Injected Bombardier ROTAX 914 UL Turbo
Number of cylinders




Maximum power

100 hp

100 hp

115 hp


2000 hrs

2000 hrs

2000 hrs

Fuel consumption

4.0 US gal / hr

15 L / hr

3.2 US gal / hr

12 L / hr

5.3 US gal /hr

20 L / hr

Unleaded automotive gasoline: RON95 / AKI91 / ASTM D4814 orAVGAS 100LL
Propeller:   Fixed, ground adjustable, or in-flight adjustable (Not US LSA) 


Bombardier ROTAX 912 ULS


This 4-stroke engine has 4 horizontally opposed free air cooled cylinders.

The liquid cooled cylinder heads have an integrated pump and expansion tank.

This engine uses dry sump forced lubrication with integrated pump and separate

3L (.8 gal US) oil tank as well as:

  • Automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet (8 valves), 2 CD carburetors,

mechanical fuel pump, electronic dual ignition, electric starter, integrated

reduction gear i= 2.43.

For more information on the 912 ULS visit:


ROTAX 912iS Fuel Injected


The 912iS is a drastic improvement on the original 912ULS. Technological

enhancements have enabled BRP engineers to replace the duel carburetors

with fuel injection systems. They were also able to ensure optimal air and fuel

mixture at any altitude through the use automotive-style digital engine control

unit (ECU). The same aircraft now will:

  • Have much longer flight range
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced CO2 emission
  • 21% less fuel consumption than the ROTAX 912ULS
  • Wide use of the new engine management
    • no manual choke
    • no carburetor icing
    • no requirement for two carbs synchronization


For more information on the 912iS visit:

Evektor Article:


“After the installation of the Rotax 912iS in the Harmony LSA at Rotax in Austria and a display at April’s Aero Friedrichshafen, Evektor performed a complete flight testing program of the new engine. Flight tests of the Harmony LSA with fuel injected Rotax 912iS and on-ground adjustable propeller confirmed 21% lower average fuel consumption compared to the Rotax 912 ULS with carburetors. Automotive-style digital engine control unit (ECU) ensures appropriate fuel air mixture at every altitude which results in reduced fuel consumption, lower operating costs and fewer emissions.

Beyond the above benefits, the 912iS eliminates the need for servicing and synchronizing the carburetors every 200 hours, and elimination of the risk of carburetor icing are major benefits for the users. An electronic diagnostic system gives insight in the engine management and enables mechanics to make fast engine checks. - Kunovice, July 30th, 2012″


ROTAX 914 Turbo

ROTAC 914 Turbo

To get extra power for your flights in hot & high areas the Turbocharged

ROTAX 914 UL elevates airplane performance even on a higher level.

Outstanding rate of climb 1.320 ft/min, shortened take off distance and

absolute ceiling up to 28.850 ft. give your flying in mountainous areas a

new dimension.


For more information on the 914 UL visit:


PowerPoint Presentations


must have Microsoft PowerPoint installed     LSA Maintenance (who can do what to whom)
[Also viewable as an EAA Webinar]must have Microsoft PowerPoint installed     LSA Documentation (what’s in your logbooks?)
[Also viewable as an EAA Webinar]

must have Microsoft PowerPoint installed     Care and Feeding of the Rotax 912
[Also viewable as an EAA Webinar]

must have Microsoft PowerPoint installed     Aircraft Weight and Balance
[Also viewable as an EAA Webinar]

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