Quick Build Kit

Quick Build Kit specification

  • The Quick Build Kit includes all airplane parts, except: the engine and its accessories, propeller, avionics and electrical system
  • A complete airframe, which means a riveted airframe painted black inside, riveted vertical and horizontal tail unit and riveted wings
  • Parts for installation of the fuel system, brake system, control system, front and main landing gear, Pitot-static system, and instrument board (without holes)
  • An upholstery set, carpets, and baggage nets
  • An installation kit for the Rotax 912 engine

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SportStar MAX & Harmony LSA Quick Build Kits are Available.

  • There are performance and comfort enhancements differences between the two models
  • There is no cost difference between the two models
  • .Approximately 200 build hours will be needed
  • Pricing –  available upon request
  • SportStar MAX Quick Build Kit Manual – available upon request

You must certificate Evektor’s Quickbuild Kit Aircraft as E-LSA  (Experimental Light Sport Aircraft) because it does not meet the “51 percent rule.” For more information about this rule and the difference between E-LSA & S-LSA please read this EAA Articlehttp://www.eaa.ca/experimenter/articles/2010-10_darside.asp

Parachute option is still available. Two Ballistic Recovery Options are available for your Evektor which are the  MAGNUM SPEED SOFT 601 or GRS 6/600 SD.  This option would need to be ordered when you order your kit as there are structures that must be factory installed to accommodate the parachute attachments.

Please leave a comment or contact Amy for more information.

4 Responses to Quick Build Kit

  1. Ben Barron says:

    Still looking for kit price? Can we buy the Rotax 912 through you and if so how much? Will the Jabiru 3300A work in this plane?

    • Amy Minnich says:

      Hello Ben,
      The quickbuild kit price is $61,500 for the Sportstar Max and 65,500 for the Harmony. The Rotax 912ULS is available through Evektor, as of 3 months ago was $18,500. The Jabiroo is not suitable/authorized, the engine options are Rotax 912ULS, 912S, 912Si, or 914.

      Best Regards,
      Amy Minnich

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