Optional Equipment

A wide range of the state of the art equipment is available for customization of your Harmony LSA, including the latest glass cockpit, autopilot, cockpit comfort package, parachute system, and more.

A more complete listing of optional equipment is available for download at the bottom of this page

  • ROTAX 914 Turbo
    Get extra power for your flights in hot & high areas. The SportStar MAX Turbo powered by turbocharged Rotax 914 UL2 elevates airplane perfrmance even on a higher level. Outstanding rate of climb 1.320 ft/min, shortened take off distance and absolute ceiling up to 28.850 ft give your flying in mountainous areas a new dimension.

ROTAC 914 Turbo

  • ROTAX 912iS Fuel Injected
    Automotive-style digital engine control unit (ECU) ensures the appropriate fuel air mixture at every altitude which results in reduced fuel consumption, lower operating costs and fewer emissions. Rotax 912iS provides 21% fuel consumption saving compared to standard Rotax 912ULS.


  • GARMIN COMM/NAV/GPS avionics
    From a popular Garmin SL40 COMM and SL30 GOMM/NAV to the latest fully integrated touch screen Garmin GTN750 COMM/NAV/GPS with remote control GMA35 audio panel and remote GTX-33 transponder.

Class Cockpit


  • GARMIN G3X or DYNON SKYVIEW Glass Cockpit

Integrated avionics system with EFIS and EMS functions, Air Data/Attitude/Heading Reference System  (ADAHRS), Using sophisticated graphics modelling, the integrated SVX™ synthetic vision technology provides a 3-D “virtual reality” perspective of what lies ahead (terrain features, obstacles, waterways and airport locations).

Garmin G3 glass cockpit

  • Cockpit comfort package

Stylish middle console, instrument panel ledge, central and side arm rests, ergonomic grips, bottle holders, pockets at seat front & side panels, extended side panels, design carpets.

comfort high seats

  • Comfort high seats

Comfort seats with high back rests will keep you relaxed also on your cross country flights. Seats are foldable for easy access to a large baggage compartment.

red high seats

  • Ballistic recovery system

Airframe parachute system for safety features enhancement in emergency situation. Parachute is anchored to airframe and activated by rocket through control lever in cockpit.

  • Whelen Anticollision beacons, position and landing lights

Exterior lights with the latest LED technology for energy savings and your outstanding visibility.


  • Skies for winter operation

Keep on flying also in winter and enjoy glamour of winter scenery.


  • Towing equipment

Certified for safe and reliable towing of gliders up to 700 kg and banners up to 140 m2.

towing equipment

Download the List of the HarmonyLSA and SportStar Max Optional Equipment approved by Evektor-Aerotechnik. For reliable and trouble free function of all aircraft systems avoid installation of any equipment which hasn´t been approved by Evektor-Aerotechnik.

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