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“At AirVenture Oshkosh Evektor was presenting also the latest Garmin G3X glass cockpit (7” EFIS + 7” EMS) approved in Evektor LSA / UL aircraft line. The G3X system uses the latest in GPS-aided digital ADAHRS (Air Data and Attitude Heading and Reference Systems). Using sophisticated graphics modelling, the integrated SVX™ synthetic vision technology provides a 3-D “virtual reality” perspective of what lies ahead (terrain features, obstacles, waterways and airport locations).

The first installation of the G3X glass cockpit in Harmony LSA Evektor will be delivered to a customer from California. Installation includes also Powerfull package – Garmin G3X with display units GDU370+375 (EFIS+EMS) in combination with GTN750 – fully integrated touch screen COMM/NAV/GPS with remote controlled GMA35 audio panel + remote GTX-33 Transponder. The system can also be coupled with the TruTrak GX Pilot autopilot system” -Evektor.


“After the installation of the Rotax 912iS in the Harmony LSA at Rotax in Austria and a display at April’s Aero Friedrichshafen, Evektor performed a complete flight testing program of the new engine. Flight tests of the Harmony LSA with fuel injected Rotax 912iS and on-ground adjustable propeller confirmed 21% lower average fuel consumption compared to the Rotax 912 ULS with carburetors. Automotive-style digital engine control unit (ECU) ensures appropriate fuel air mixture at every altitude which results in reduced fuel consumption, lower operating costs and fewer emissions.

Beyond the above benefits, the 912iS eliminates the need for servicing and synchronizing the carburetors every 200 hours, and elimination of the risk of carburetor icing are major benefits for the users. An electronic diagnostic system gives insight in the engine management and enables mechanics to make fast engine checks. – Kunovice, July 30th, 2012″


evektor-harmony-lsa-3.jpgFebruary 7th, 2013 – Evektor-Aerotechnik has appointed the company Lockwood Aviation Repair, Inc. as  Authorized Service Center for Evektor LSA product line – SportStar MAX and Harmony LSA in the USA. Lockwood Aviation based at Sebring Airport (KSEF) in Florida, has over 20 years experience in airframe maintenance
& repairs and is Rotax authorized facility for service, repair and overhaul of certified
& non-certified engines and distributor of the largest inventory of Rotax engine parts
in the US.
Customer support in the US North-East is provided by the company AB Flight LLC based at Queen City Airport (KXLL) in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The company is Evektor Authorized Sales Representative and aircraft re-assembly point on the US East coast for Evektor aircraft deliveries from Europe. AB Flight runs LSA flight training operation with Evektor SportStar / Harmony LSA aircraft.

Aircraft sales, marketing and customer support activities in the US Middle-North are ensured by the company Dreams Come True (DCT) Aviation based at Dayton Wright Brothers Airport, Ohio. DCT Aviation keeps stock of spare parts for Evektor aircraft and provides flight training and maintenance on the Evektor SportStar and Harmony LSA airplanes.

Western part of the US is served by the company Freedom Flyers based at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California. Freedom Flyers is Evektor customer support center and authorized sales representative. The company is affiliated with Sunrise Aviation - a major flight training academy with over thirty year’s experience, operating Evektor Harmony LSA and SportStar MAX aircraft. Sunrise is also the Evektor aircraft re-assembly point for the Western US as well as countries bordering the Pacific Ocean.


On August 10, 2012 Civil Aviation Administration of China, CAAC grants Type Certificate to Evektor-Aerotechnik SportStar aircraft. SportStar – the very first aircraft in the world approved by FAA in the U.S. S-LSA category and EASA certified PPL trainer – is now available also to Chinese private pilots and flight training organizations. Gaining CAAC Type Certificate enables Evektor to deliver now in production finalization the first SportStar to China.

Evektor-Aerotechnik, August 20, 2012


On November 30th, 2012 Mr. Guy Reynolds from the U.S. West Virginia celebrated 100th birthday and still flying in his Evektor SportStar S-LSA!

Guy Reynolds is extraordinary man who has been participating in writing the history of light sport aviation in the USA. He started flying in the early ‘40s, got his licence in 1945 and in 2005 bought the Evektor SportStar. He decided for the SportStar for its outstanding handling qualities, spacious cockpit and low operation costs. His SportStar, s/n 2004-0304, registration N322PG was among the first two aircraft approved by the FAA. Together with Evektor SportStar N400EV licensed the same day April 8, 2005 he shares the distinction of owning the very first S-LSA aircraft in the world licensed by the FAA in the US LSA category.

At the time Guy purchased his SportStar he was 93 years old. Since then he has flown his aircraft approximately 100 hrs a year and at his 100th birthday he is at 800 hours.

Guy holds primacy also in the first S-LSA end-user delivery. And today he is the oldest living Sport Pilot still flying his own aircraft!

It is amazing and inspiring for all of us. On behalf of Evektor company and all our employees we wish Guy Reynolds a healthy and peaceful life. Happy 100th birthday.


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Harmony LSA from Evektor
Evektor — Harmony LSA
First on the market way back in 2005 was the Evektor SportStar. This grundbreaking Czech design will always carry the distinction of being the first Light-Sport Aircraft to be accepted by FAA. In this video, Steve Minnick of Ohio-based family business, Dreams Come True, helps us better understand the newer, more advanced Harmony. This video was shot at the Midwest LSA Expo and promotes the DeLand Showcase, two great LSA-focused events.
Evektor — Harmony LSA News (2012)
Evektor has adhered closely to a principle called CANI… Continuous and Never Ending Improvement. The Czech company’s aircraft have seen exactly that, a series of continuous changes. In this video, AB Flight’s Art Tarola tells us about some changes that might please aircraft buyers. Art and Steve Minnich of Dreams Come True are the key representatives of all Evektor aircraft. Check it all out in this video.
Evektor — Harmony and Sportstar (2012)
Evektor is, was, and always will be the very first Special LSA to earn an FAA airworthiness certificate in the United States. But this company has not rested on those noteworthy laurels. Evektor and their U.S. representatives, Dreams Come True and AB Flight, have continually upgraded the airplane. In this video Art Tarola details some new offerings announced at AirVenture 2012 to help flight schools acquire and maintain the SportStar or Harmony.
Evektor — Harmony LSA
Evektor, the first ever Light-Sport Aircraft has been busy updating their Sportstar for years. In 2011 they brought their Harmony LSA to America with even more changes. This time the wing shape went from rectangular “Hershey Bar” shape to a tapered tip along with many other changes. Co-importer Art Tarola helps us understand all the differences.
Evektor — Harmony LSA (Full Length Pilot Report)
FULL-LENGTH VIDEO PILOT REPORT — After well over 100 shorter-length video reports on Light-Sport Aircraft and other Sport Pilot-eligible flying machines, Dan Johnson and the Light Sport and Ultralight Flyer are pleased to offer our first full-length pilot report. Here you’ll find 45 minutes of flying footage and detail commentary that can help decide which airplane you want to buy. Grab a beverage, sit back at your computer, mobile device, or TV and enjoy this ground-breaking review of the new Evektor Harmony LSA. (Run-time: 45 minutes)
SPLOG VIDEO — Dreams Come True with Harmony, 12/11/2016SPLOG begins: This weekend, let’s watch some video. At airshows (where I seem to spend a lot of time), my video partner Dave and I race around from booth to exhibit and attempt to find new aircraft or products we think may be of interest to our viewers. I’m pleased Photo
SPLOG LSA Alive & Well: Slings in Stock; Evektor Sales, 03/17/2014SPLOG begins: The Great Recession was the pits … for nearly all industries and most employees or small business owners. That’s hardly newsworthy. However, the recovery from the recession — that government economists insist ended years ago — has been a Photo
SPLOG Video Pilot Reports… Want More? We Deliver!, 12/04/2011SPLOG begins: Video info and entertainment is burgeoning these days. YouTube has become one of most-visited Internet websites; you can watch videos on subjects of every conceivable description (plus many you could not have conceived). *** In the aviation world, videos Photo
SPLOG Evektor Harmony LSA Becomes SLSA #119, 07/13/2011SPLOG begins: Evektor will always be First… that is, the Czech company gained the very first Special Light-Sport Aircraft approval back in April 2005 and no one can ever take that first-in-class title away from them. Now they are also the newest approval, before
SportStar from Evektor
  Evektor — EPOS Electric SportStar (2013)
Evektor’s SportStar was the very first to win Special LSA approval and the company since established a long tradition of constantly updating the design (see all our coverage to follow this). The latest, which company designers thought was just a demonstration project, is EPOS, an electric powered version of SportStar. The idea was so well received, they sold 10 at the Aero 2013 show. Here you can see our interview about the details of the electric installation.
  Evektor — Harmony and Sportstar (2012)
Evektor is, was, and always will be the very first Special LSA to earn an FAA airworthiness certificate in the United States. But this company has not rested on those noteworthy laurels. Evektor and their U.S. representatives, Dreams Come True and AB Flight, have continually upgraded the airplane. In this video Art Tarola details some new offerings announced at AirVenture 2012 to help flight schools acquire and maintain the SportStar or Harmony.
  4 LSA Brands — Low Wing All-Metal
At the 2010 Midwest LSA Expo we did something new. We picked several aircraft of a similar description and pointed out their similarities and differences. This time we look at four all-metal high wing LSA: Rans Aircraft S-19 Venterra; Evektor Sportstar Max IFR, Van’s Aircraft RV-12, and the Breezer Aircraft Breezer II. If you’re searching for a high wing LSA, this video may help show your choices and help you make a purchase decision.
  Evektor — Sportstar Max
Without changing the model designation — it’s always been the Sportstar — Evektor has steadily evolved their all-metal low-wing aircraft. The model was the #1 aircraft to win SLSA approval, a distinction it retains forever, yet it changed to address customer interests. In this video we review some of the changes to the Max version, with its much-smoother exterior; see our other Sportstar videos for more info.
  Evektor — SportStar Plus
Evektor is the No. 1 brand in the LSA fleet, and it earns that title by being number one to earn SLSA approval back in April 2005. It’s also one of the most well-used LSA in flight schools around the country. Now, they are selling their new Max model, with several desirable enhancements and features like toe brakes.
  $4.95 Evektor SportStar
“A Sporty SportsStar: Leading the LSA Parade” by Dan Johnson. Published in EAA Sport Pilot & Light Sport Aircraft Magazine, November, 2005.Pilot Report begins: Being first is often good in marketing, sports, or life in general, for that matter. In the light-sport aircraft (LSA) certification race, one aircraft has already won: the Czech Republic-built Evektor SportStar. This all-metal, low-wing, bubble-canopy design was the first aircraft to win its airworthiness certificate as a special LSA (S-LSA), and no one can ever take that distinction away. Evektor Aerotechnik appointed Sport Aircraft International of Kerrville, Texas, as its American distributor.
  SPLOG Sky Writing 2.0 — Flight Tracks in the Sky, 01/03/2017SPLOG begins: Almost every year at AirVenture Oshkosh , some pilot or team of pilots performs some sky writing, that is, trailing smoke while flying precisely enough that you can read what they are writing from the ground. The slow script building of the letters captivates Photo
  SPLOG Two LSA Manufacturers Score Overseas, 11/18/2015SPLOG begins: American readers of may be surprised to hear that more than a third of all visitors are from outside the United States. In a related fact, America has more pilots than any other country (very roughly half of the world aviator population) Photo
  SPLOG Germany’s Top 10 Ultralights by Aerokurier, 09/26/2014SPLOG begins: Much of what we hear and know about airplane populations is centered on America. Yet in the world of sport and recreational aviation, the rest of the world equates to at least a 1:1 relationship, that is, for every American aircraft flying, many experts Photo
  SPLOG Evektor with Dynon Earns EASA Type Certificate, 07/23/2014SPLOG begins: The very first aircraft ever to receive approval in the USA as a Light-Sport Aircraft is Evektor-Aerotechnik’s SportStar. No challenger can ever take away that title yet the company has continually developed this pioneeering airplane and recently achieved Photo
  SPLOG Evektor Successfully Passes LSA Audit for China, 12/02/2013SPLOG begins: The rush is on — hardly a surprise to anyone these days — regarding China’s emergence into general or recreational aviation. Investors in the country are buying iconic aviation brands with increasing frequency it seems and more companies in Photo
  SPLOG He Did It! Flying at 100 in His LSA, 12/01/2012SPLOG begins: This article follows up on an earlier one about Guy Reynolds . Yesterday, on his 100th birthday, Guy took the skies as he has so regularly, flying his Evektor SportStar with a fellow pilot along for safety. Rather than interpret, I present local journalist Photo
  SPLOG Centenarian Enjoys Flying His Evektor LSA, 11/20/2012SPLOG begins: On November 30th, Guy Reynolds will celebrate his 100th birthday by taking a flight in Light-Sport Aircraft. Putting a finer point on it, he’ll take this flight in his LSA. Are you surprised that a centenarian has an LSA? Admit it… I was. However, Guy Photo
  SPLOG ‘Net Surfin’ for LSA News, 08/27/2010SPLOG begins: Knocking around the ‘Net looking for signs that Light Sport is alive and well… *** Michael Combs is nearing the end of his 19,000 mile odyssey — what a vision. Latest word from PR dude Dave Gustafson is that the Flight for the Human Spirit in Photo
  SPLOG Sebring Day Three: To The Max, 01/25/2010SPLOG begins: Evektor USA’s main man Jim Lee took me up for an enjoyable float above the clouds today in the SportStar Max , the top-line evolution of the SportStar which won the first ASTM SLSA designation back at the beginning of the category. *** Above the line Photo
  SPLOG Steady Subtle Changes Add Up to the Max, 06/21/2009SPLOG begins: Evektor’s SportStar became the first-ever Special Light-Sport Aircraft a little over four years ago, a distinction no one can ever take away from the Czech company. Yet that exclusive title has not encouraged the company to rest on their laurels. While Photo
  SPLOG Big Crowds at the Sun ‘n Fun LSA Mall, 04/20/2008SPLOG begins: Sun ‘n Fun 2008 is history, but planning is already underway for the 2009 event . Event boss John Burton confirmed we will again have the LAMA-hosted LSA Mall right at the front gate next April 21-26. A major success at this year’s Lakeland, Florida airshow, Photo
  SPLOG Come See LSA at AOPA’s 2007 Expo in Hartford, 09/16/2007SPLOG begins: At Oshkosh I took the chance to speak with several general aviation leaders — CEOs of top general aviation companies and presidents of leading membership organizations. All have been kind to me with their time and generous with their support for the Photo
  SPLOG LAMA Audits of SLSA Continue; Board Expanded, 08/04/2007SPLOG begins: In a year of facilitating independent audits for Special Light-Sport Aircraft, LAMA, the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association, completed reviews of six companies: IndUS (Thorpedo); Jihlavan (Kappa KP-5); Aeropro (EuroFox); Flight Design (CT); Czech Photo
  SPLOG LSA Euro-Factory Tour: Evektor, Czech Republic, 06/19/2007SPLOG begins: On the same field in the southeastern Czech Republic as used by Czech Aircraft Works is Evektor , builder of the #3-selling SportStar . Coincidence? Not at all. This region, including nearby Slovak Republic and Poland, forms an aviation-intensive region Photo
  SPLOG Light Sport Airplanes West Officially Opens, 04/29/2007SPLOG begins: Within 24 hours of getting home from Sun ‘n Fun, several industry leaders including Evektor America’s Jeff Conrad , Flight Design USA’s Tom Peghiny , Jabiru USA’s Ed Ricks , and BRS parachute’s Gregg Ellsworth packed up and headed off to California. What Photo
  SPLOG LSA Training Aircraft Welcomed to Embry Riddle, 03/22/2007SPLOG begins: A month before Sun ‘n Fun helps to kick off the new year, I visited Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in Daytona Beach as the big aero school hosted dozens of universities at the National Training Aircraft Symposium . The third of these events Photo
  SPLOG Evektor Introduces Sportstar Plus at Sebring, 01/11/2007SPLOG begins: Evektor America requested their Czech supplier, Evektor Aerotechnik to perform an engineering study of the design. The result? By slightly raising the stall speed to ASTM standards (45 knots), the company was able to add 55 pounds of useful load. The Photo
  Sidebar Learning to fly in a SportStar, 11/01/2005

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