Matco Brakes

Matco Brake Conversion

The Matco Conversion Kit is recommended for those who want the best braking power available. The best analogy is that the difference is like going from Huffy bicycle brakes to Harley Motorcycle Brakes. A preferred option on new aircraft and a highly desired upgrade on existing aircraft with the original Evektor brake system. Evektor worked closely with Matco to make this upgrade possible. To view the Informative Bulletin please click HERE.

There are three parts to the kit all stocked and available from Dreams Come True Aviation LLC:

_______1.   Matco Components

_______2.   Evektor Installation Kit

_______3.   Evektor Wheel Pant Conversion Kit

Note #3 is optional if you do not fly with wheel pants

Things to consider before making this  conversion:


  • Greater Breaking Capability
  • Stronger Differential Breaking
  • Takes 5606 Aviation Hydraulic Fluid (Vs. Dot 4 Brake Fluid)
  • Made in the US: Larger brake pads, heavier duty brake disks, new axles, wheels, bearings etc
  • Uses Central Fluid Reservoir Design (a design adopted by Evektor for all current production)
  • Parts are readily available
  • Improved serviceability (Reduced Maintenance in comparison to original Evektor brake design)
  • Most Requested Installation Option on Aircraft Coming Into the US After 2008



  • Weight (adds about 9 pounds)
  • Can Flat Spot a Tire (whereas Evektor brakes will not [caution to flight school plane owners])


Item Code Description Price
CUSLSA005 Custom Assembly Evektor MATCO Brake System (No D-D or Svc C DSC) 1,444.39
68555 Matco Brake Conversion Evektor Parts Kit Bulletin 012B 434.00
68556 Matco Brake Conversion Wheel Pant Kit Bulletin 12B 201.25
  • Note: last item is not needed if you do not have wheel pants
  • All costs are subject to change with out notice

Kit total = $2,079.64


To view the proper procedure of the conversion please click HERE.


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