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New Rotax Alert Service Bulletin

& Associative Evektor Bulletin Have Been Released.

Dear Evektor Owner / Maintainer,Please be aware that Rotax has published a bulletin, ASB-912-069ULR1 which will refer you to ASB-912-069R1, regarding an inspection & exchange of carburetor floats on particular enginesBased on this bulletin, Evektor has published the following: 

-        EV97-034a SR for EV-97 Eurostar

-        Harmony LSA/ELSA-012a SR for Harmony LSA

-        SportStar-034a SR for SportStar


-        Airworthiness Directive AD 2016-0162 for the SportStar RTC


You can download the bulletin by clicking on the direct links, or on our website:

Evektor Owners do amazing things!

  • Dr. Rafat Ansari (right) and Pilot Terry Schubert use their aircraft to monitor algal blooms on Lake Erie as part of a citizen science initiative. Click HERE to keep reading.


Broadcast on Live TV: Cleveland 19 News (8/22/2016)

Watch the Video: Video:


  • Evektor Harmony Takes 2nd Place in the 2016 AirVenture Cup Race Thanks to Pilot/Evektor Owner Joe Ryan! Click HERE to keep reading.


Mandatory Bulletin
Dear Evektor Aircraft Owners and Maintainers,
Please be informed that a new bulletin, “EV97-033a” / “SportStar 033a”, has been published at:
The bulletins concern all EV-97 EuroStar and SportStar aircraft with metal frame folding canopies, (not models with a fiber-glass canopy frame (SL, SLW, RTC)).
Please let me know if you are affected by this bulletin or need any other Evektor parts.



Rotax Extended Service Terms (R.E.S.T.) free of charge for one year.
Gunskirchen, Austria, April 29, 2015 – To celebrate 40 years of Rotax aircraft engines BRP offers the Rotax Extended Service Terms (R.E.S.T.)* free of charge for one year. This offer is valid for all Rotax 912 iS Sport and Rotax 912 iSc Sport engines purchased at an authorized Rotax distributor between April 15, 2015 and December 31, 2015.
Mandatory Bulletin
Dear Evektor Aircraft Owners and Maintainers,
A new mandatory bulletin was published by Evektor-Aerotechnik on 05/18/2015. Bulletin number: SportStar 032aSportStar MAX PTF 010a, and Harmony ELSA-010a; The manufacturer of Rotax 914 F a Rotax 914 UL engines informs about a possibility of clutch slipping during the engine operation, which can lead to an undesirable increase of engine speed above the set limit. 
Mandatory Bulletin
Dear Evektor Aircraft Owners and Maintainers,
A new mandatory bulletin was published by Evektor-Aerotechnik on 04/03/2015. Bulletin number: SportStar 031a SR Revision 1, SportStar MAX PTF 009a SR Revision 1, and Harmony LSA-009a SR Revision 1 - Measurement of coolant temperature instead of cylinder head temperature on engines with the design change of the cylinder heads.
Mandatory Bulletin
Dear Evektor Aircraft Owners and Maintainers,
A new mandatory bulletin was published by Evektor-Aerotechnik.Bulletin number: EV97-028a SR, SPORTSTAR-030a SR, SPORTSTAR MAX PTF-008a SR / SA, Harmony LSA-008a SR / SA
Description: Check of sufficient insertion of the wing flap drive pins into the flaps.Bulletin for an appropriate aircraft model you can download at:

Please let us know if you have any questions.


July 23, 2014

Service Letter:
“NON-APPROVED MODIFICATIONS OR USE OF ROTAX-UNAPPROVED ENGINE COMPONENTS OR ACCESSORIES FOR ROTAX AIRCRAFT ENGINES”This updates the previous service letter (for all engine types) toexpand its applicability to the 912iS  / iS Sport.It is recommended that users of all Rotax engine types  review this service letter.

July 18, 2014

SB-2ST-000 R16
SB-912-000 R16
SB-914-000 R16
SB-912i-000 R04
Service Bulletin: Updated Publication Index for ROTAX aircraft engines.For safety reasons, it is strongly advised that you check that all of your documentation has been updated to its latest revision in accordance with the enclosed list.

July 9, 2014

Rotax announces
Updated List of Stolen Engines
SL-912-013 R7
SL-914-011 R7
SL-2ST-007 R7
SB-912i-000 R04
Rotax has just released the latest update of their “List of Stolen ROTAX Engines”. If there is any suspicion concerning the origin of an engine, a check of this list or an enquiry to the nearest ROTAX distributor or service center is recommended…Download the Service Letter here.

February 17, 2014

BRP celebrates the 25th Anniversary of its Rotax 912 engine
ROTAX 912 – THE ENGINE THAT CHANGED LIGHT AVIATION.  ROTAX has released a news flash outlining the history and features of the 912 series light aircraft engine. For full details, see the Blog Post

January 28, 2014

Rotax releases SB-912i-002
“Updating the 912iS ECU firmware”
Rotax has recently released an updated ‘Version 29′ of the 912iS Engine Control Unit firmware. This updated ECU firmware release includes optimizations of the diagnostic function and the operating characteristicsThis Rotax-Owner expanded instruction video walks you through the process of updating the firmware with the ECU installed in the aircraft. This procedure requires a BUDS set (USB interface & cable), available from your Rotax supply network.SB-912i-002 is a mandatory service bulletin. However, you may postpone updating your ECU firmware until the next scheduled ECU maintenance, which must occur every 12 months, or every 100 hours of operating time. This bulletin must be complied with by January 1st, 2015 at the very latest.

January 2, 2014

Rotax announces New & Improved Diagnostic software for ROTAX 912i Series engines.
Rotax has released a new version of the BRP Utility and Diagnostic Software (Aircraft version) which runs on Windows. The software package allows users of the 912iS to download engine logfiles, update Engine Control Unit firmware, and monitor engine functions in real-time for diagnostic purposes – a great asset for field maintenance. This updated version includes an optimized Graphical User Interface (GUI) and other improvements. Use of this software requires an optional BUDS set (USB interface & cable) available from your Rotax supply network.Download the Service Instruction here

December 20, 2013

Rotax releases Service Bulletin
“Publication Index
for Rotax Aircraft Engines


In this Mandatory service bulletin, Rotax strongly advises that you ensure that your engine documentation has been updated to the latest revisions as listed in this publication index.

Click here to view the PDF

Manuals are available for download here.

Bulletins are available for download here.

November 27, 2013

Rotax announces revised Service Bulletin SB-912-064 R1 / SB-914-045 R1 : Periodic checking of the crankshaft journal for 912 & 914 series engines.

This revision includes the following changes:

The procedure for checking the crankshaft journal has been revised slightly; checking the oil level and purging the oil system is no longer required.

The range of affected serial numbers for non-certified (UL) engines has been updated.

Rotax has previously released SB-912-059/914-042 wherein a limited range of engines required an inspection looking for potential cracks developing in the PTO end crankshaft journal. Field experience has subsequently shown that a one time inspection is not sufficient, and therefore an ongoing periodic inspection will be necessary every 100 hours of operation and/or annually every twelve months, up to 1000 hours total engine time.

In addition, Rotax engine owners and operators should be aware the range of engine serial numbers affected has been expanded, therefore your engine serial number should be checked against those listed in the appropriate SB for your engine type (Certified or UL). Engines which have been overhauled or repaired using a new crankshaft should also have their crankshaft serial number checked against specific crankshafts listed as affected in the appropriate SB release.

Rotax has also designed a new tool that greatly simplifies this inspection requirement for engines affected. This tool is easy to use and speeds up the process of meeting compliance to the SB.

CLICK HERE to view the revised service bulletin.

For UL (Uncertified) engines, CLICK HERE to view the revised UL Service Bulletin. has released a VIDEO to help clarify in detail the steps required to comply with this  SB. For more information, view Rotax-Owner’s video.

November 22, 2013

Rotax announces New Coolant Radiator for Rotax 912i, 912, and 914 series engines:


Rotax has announced that a new radiator is being introduced for the 912i, 912, and 914 series engines. This new radiator (part number 997083) will replace both the standard and the HD radiators.

For full details, please visit

October 18, 2013

Rotax announces a new edition of its Illustrated Parts Catalog for 912 & 914 series engines:

Rotax has released the latest edition of the 912/914 series Illustrated Parts Catalog. All parts assemblies are clearly shown with excellent exploded diagrams. It includes full parts listings for both certified and non-certified versions of both engines.

As well as the engine-specific parts, the most popular accessories are listed too. Repair tools, consumables, gasket sets, and certain items of documentation are also included in this catalog.

This new edition of the IPC is formatted to the ATA Chapter standard (Air Transport Association). All of the 912/914  engine maintenance manuals are now ATA format.

This is very useful, for example: If you are working on the ignition system you will be using chapter 74 in the Heavy Maintenance Manual, and if you need a part number or exploded view you will find the information in chapter 74 of the IPC.

View IPC at

September 23, 2013

Rotax announces REVISED Service Instruction:
SI-912-016 Revision 6
SI-914-018 Revision 6
SI-912i-001 Revision 1

Rotax has announced a revision to its Service Instruction covering the proper “Selection of Suitable Operating Fluids” for the 9 series engines. This SI revision also carries some important operating tips that owners and operators of Rotax Engines should familiarize themselves with!

Of special note the SI has a change to the listings of suitable fuels. In all cases Rotax engine owners and operators should review the details of this Service Information Instruction as it has many important operating tips which are highly relevant to the proper care of their Rotax Aircraft Engine.

To further assist our readers in the gathering of relevant information as listed in this SI Revision Release, Rotax-Owner has provided the following links regarding ethanol blended fuels. As the storage, handling and use of ethanol can affect the engine and various airframe components it is recommended that Aircraft Manufacturers and owner/operators read the following information on techniques, procedures and limitations of using ethanol blended fuel.

FAA Advisory Circular Letter AC 23.1521-2

FAA Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin CE-07-06

EASA Safety Information Bulletin – SIB 2009-02 

These contain details regarding the use of ethanol (alcohol) blended fuels and type certificate requirements.

It is strongly recommended that non-certified aircraft also conform to the information given in the above documents.


August 12, 2013

Rotax Service Bulletin – Publication Index, Revision 14

In this Service Bulletin, Rotax has released an updated master list of available documentation for all Rotax aircraft engines both two and four stroke. It is advised that all owner/operators check this new updated list for any information which might affect their engines and assure they meet compliance with any requirements for continued airworthiness. Actual PDF copies of the listed material can be downloaded from the Rotax Owner web site under the “Support/Bulletins” section. Click Here for direct link to the Rotax-Owner web site.

view the Service Bulletin.

June 27, 2013

Rotax announces REVISED Service Bulletin SB-912-063 R1

Rotax has now released Revision 1 announcing a revised fuel pump replacement kit under a new part number to better assist customers in the replacement of their fuel pump. Owners should check with their Rotax Service Provider for pricing and availability. This Service Bulletin recommends the replacement of 912 series fuel pumps with a part number of 892 546 and 892 542. Fuel pumps which have pre-installed fuel lines and fire sleeve will need to have the fuel lines transferred from the original fuel pump to the replacement pump. has released a new VIDEO to help clarify this requirement. The video explains in detail the steps required to comply.

For UL (Uncertified) engines, CLICK HERE to view the UL Service Bulletin.

For Certified engines, CLICK HERE to view the Service Bulletin.

For more information on this bulletin, view Rotax-Owner’s video.

June 25, 2013

Rotax announces new Service Bulletin SB-912-063

This Service Bulletin recommends the replacement of 912 series fuel pumps with a part number of 892546 and 892 542.
Fuel pumps which have pre-installed fuel lines and fire sleeve will need to have the fuel lines transferred from the original fuel pump to the replacement pump. has released a new VIDEO to help clarify this requirement. The video explains in detail the steps required to comply.

For UL (Uncertified) engines, CLICK HERE to view the UL Service Bulletin.

For Certified engines, CLICK HERE to view the Service Bulletin.

For more information on this bulletin, view Rotax-Owner’s video.

June 4, 2013

Rotax has now released revision 2 of Alert Service Bulletin ASB-912-062 / 914-044

This Mandatory Alert Service Bulletin covers the inspection of cylinder heads #2 and #3 for oil leakages into the intake port on Rotax 912 and 914 Series aircraft engines.

For this revision of the bulletin, the range of serial numbers has been expanded. Please check carefully to determine if this bulletin may now be applicable to your engine!

Also affected are cylinder heads sold from the factory as spare parts between 31 January 2013 and 28 May 2013 inclusive (Cylinder Head part no. 623682 and 623687). If you’ve purchased spare part cylinder heads of these part numbers since January 31st 2013, you must check with the supplying Rotax dealer/distributor to determine if they are affected by this latest ASB revision. If so, and the cylinder heads are still un-installed in an engine, they must be returned for replacement. If the affected cylinder heads are already installed on an engine with over 15 minutes of running time, a spark plug examination for carbon contamination from excess oil burn in accordance to the inspection requirements in the ASB (latest revision) must be performed. For more detailed information on how to perform these tasks, see the Rotax-Owner video on this subject by clicking on the link below.

May 28, 2013

Revised Service Instruction SI-912-020 / 914-022 R7

Revision 7, covering running modifications on Rotax engine type 912 / 914 series.
This service instruction lists the latest modifications that have been made to Rotax 4 stroke engines and components.
This is for informational purposes only and there are no requirements for action or component replacement.
Of note in Revision 7 of this document is a change in the way that fuel pumps are provided as spare parts.
The new fuel pumps will be supplied as bare fuel pumps with no fuel lines or fittings attached.
Fittings or fuel line assemblies are available as individual spare parts to accommodate any style of fuel line connection to the fuel pump.
Also of note is the introduction of new style cylinder heads.
Cylinder heads on newly produced engines, and soon the supply of replacement cylinder heads will be changed to the same new casting design used on the 912iS fuel injected engine.
Aircraft OEM’s are encouraged to carefully review this entire document to see whether any of the changes will affect their engine installations.

March 4, 2013

Dynon has now released Revision B to the Technical Service Bulletin- SkyView Display Circuit Board Replacement

Dynon has released a Revision B of their latest Technical Service Bulletin-SkyView Display Circuit Board Replacement. This revision replaces the earlier version that was released on Febuary 11, 2013. ALL SkyView displays whether already checked, MUST BE re-checked using the updated instruction in this document. For more information please visit:





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  1. James Firman says:

    Good to be in touch. Evektor SN:2007A1009 flying great. About 200hrs TT “no squawks”. N187EV currently based RioVista CA (O88). TAS 96kts 5.3 to 5.1gph@5,300rpm between5,500 to 9,500MSL. Oil consumption approx 1qt/20 hrs? (So little it’s hard to keep track).
    Please add me to customer list. My pilot history private multi-eng IFR 4,000+hrs. Enjoying the Evektor flying 2hr30min legs routinely.

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