Harmony LSA

The Ultimate Cross Country Touring & Training S-LSA. 


The Harmony LSA is the latest FAA approved S-LSA aircraft produced by Evektor and represents the next generation of the first FAA approved light sport aircraft- the SportStar. The new Harmony LSA is the ultimate pilot touring machine that has set a new standard in flight training and travel comfort. The Harmony Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) is the refined version of the worldwide successful SportStar Max- the first S-LSA certified in the USA – and brings further performance and comfort enhancements. The Harmony LSA not only has enhanced ground handling, more leg room, and faster cruise, but also has improved cross wind capability by 50%. Excellent strength and operation reliability of the Harmony LSA have been proven in flight schools operations worldwide.

Proven in Flight Schools

Outstanding flight characteristics, low operating costs, a resistant metal airframe and excellent reliability proven in leading flight schools in both the USA and Australia with worldwide product support make the Harmony LSA the number one choice for pilot training.

  • Proven in flight schools in 40 countries worldwide
  • Passed extensive spin testing
  • Suitable for both paved and grass runways
  • Incredible flight characteristics, stability and control
  • Redesigned nose wheel and nose wheel steering system allows you to adjust sensitivity of the nose wheel steering (on the ground).
  • For quick pre-flight inspection, inspection covers at aircraft bottom are transparent.
  • Low operation costs
  • The Evketor Harmony is the number one choice for pilot training in flight schools worldwide.

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The Perfect Aircraft for Travel

For easy boarding the Harmony LSA has optional footsteps. Comfortable seating with high backrests, stylish climate control, and upholstered arm rests along with bottle holders and other cockpit options will keep you relaxed on your long cross country flights. The comfortable and spacious cockpit with a 46.5 in wide shoulder room, extra leg room, useful load up to 634 lb, range of 700 nm, the latest avionics including an optional autopilot and night equipment all make the Harmony LSA the perfect aircraft also for travel.


Range in Evektor Harmony LSA


Your Airplane, Your Choice 

  • Day VFR, Night VFR, IFR Trainer
  • Garmin, Dynon, or Analog Panel
  • Carbureted,  Fuel Injected, or Turbo Charged Rotax Engine
  • Propeller type, Brake System, even the size of the seat.

Advanced Robust & Durable Metal Airframe 

The Harmony LSA has a robust all metal anodized and corrosion-proofed aluminum airframe which delivers significantly more durability and longer service life than most of the airplanes in the category. Like all aircraft in the SportStar line, the Harmony LSA has metal airframe with all construction riveted and bonded joints for high durability and long fatigue life. All heads of pop rivets are sealed with mastic for further enhancement of durability of riveted joints. Such build provides also better crash characteristics and smoother and quieter flight because drumming and flexing are absent. Using composite parts for enhancement of aerodynamic cleanness of the airplane is limited to just non-structural parts of construction.

Uncompromising General Aviation Quality

The Harmony LSA uncompromising build quality and reliability is based on Evektor-Aerotechnik´s certified aircraft production by the European Aviation Safety Agency – EASA, LAMA certification, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System as well as over 45 years Evektor-Aerotechnik´s experience in aircraft production. This means that the airplane is assembled according to the very best of today´s General Aviation standards.

Elegancy and All-round view

The shaped wing, HTU (Horizontal Tail Unit), and prolonged fuselage that create the sleek lines from prop to tail on the new Harmony LSA create an elegant and sporty look. These properties also create aerodynamic optimization that gives the Harmony LSA 50% increase in cross wind capabilities and faster cruise speed. The new ergonomic interior with eye-catching luxury, elegancy, and state-of-the art avionics provide a supreme comfort for your touring pleasure. Panoramic canopy glazing with almost 360% all-round view provides you a perfect situational awareness in all phases of your flight, including take-off and landing.

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Technical data

Dimensions & Performance


Length 20 ft 6.11 m
Height 8 ft 2″ 2.48 m
Wing span 30 ft 4″ 9.25 m
Cabin width 46 1/2″ 1.18 m
Baggage compartment volume 10.1 cu.ft 285 l

Weight & Quantities

Useful load 637 lb 290 kg
Max take-off weight 1320 lb* 600 kg*
Empty weight (standard a/c) 683 lb 310 kg
Max. baggage 55 lb 25 kg
Design load factors +6 / -3 g +6 / – 3 g
Operation load factors +4 / -2 g +4 / – 2 g
Wing tank capacity 31.7 USgal 120 l

Flight performance

Rotax 912 ULS Rotax 912 ULS
(100 HP) (100 HP)
Never exceed speed 146 kts 270 km/h
Maximum level speed 120 kts 222km/h
Cruising speed 110 kts 212 km/h
Stall speed VS1 45 kts 83 km/h
Stall speed VS0 (full flaps) 40 kts 74 km/h
Rate of climb 1 020 ft / min 7.5 m/s
Service ceiling 15 500 ft 4 720 m
Take-off run (concrete RWY) 620 ft 190 m
Landing run (concrete RWY) 590 ft 180 m
Range 700 nm 1 300 km
* For US market with VG´s.
Under ISA conditions. All information can change without prior notice.


Optional Equipment

A wide range of the state of the art equipment is available for customization of your Harmony LSA, including the latest glass cockpit, autopilot, cockpit comfort package, parachute system, and more.


  • ROTAX 914 Turbo
    Get extra power for your flights in hot & high areas. The SportStar MAX Turbo powered by turbocharged Rotax 914 UL2 elevates airplane perfrmance even on a higher level. Outstanding rate of climb 1.320 ft/min, shortened take off distance and absolute ceiling up to 28.850 ft give your flying in mountainous areas a new dimension.

ROTAC 914 Turbo

  • ROTAX 912iS Fuel Injected
    Automotive-style digital engine control unit (ECU) ensures the appropriate fuel air mixture at every altitude which results in reduced fuel consumption, lower operating costs and fewer emissions. Rotax 912iS provides 21% fuel consumption saving compared to standard Rotax 912ULS.


  • GARMIN COMM/NAV/GPS avionics
    From a popular Garmin SL40 COMM and SL30 GOMM/NAV to the latest fully integrated touch screen Garmin GTN750 COMM/NAV/GPS with remote control GMA35 audio panel and remote GTX-33 transponder.

Class Cockpit


  • GARMIN G3X or DYNON SKYVIEW Glass Cockpit

Integrated avionics system with EFIS and EMS functions, Air Data/Attitude/Heading Reference System  (ADAHRS), Using sophisticated graphics modelling, the integrated SVX™ synthetic vision technology provides a 3-D “virtual reality” perspective of what lies ahead (terrain features, obstacles, waterways and airport locations).

Garmin G3 glass cockpit

  • Cockpit comfort package

Stylish middle console, instrument panel ledge, central and side arm rests, ergonomic grips, bottle holders, pockets at seat front & side panels, extended side panels, design carpets.

comfort high seats

  • Comfort high seats

Comfort seats with high back rests will keep you relaxed also on your cross country flights. Seats are foldable for easy access to a large baggage compartment.

red high seats

  • Ballistic recovery system

Airframe parachute system for safety features enhancement in emergency situation. Parachute is anchored to airframe and activated by rocket through control lever in cockpit.

  • Whelen Anticollision beacons, position and landing lights

Exterior lights with the latest LED technology for energy savings and your outstanding visibility.


  • Skies for winter operation

Keep on flying also in winter and enjoy glamour of winter scenery.


  • Towing equipment

Certified for safe and reliable towing of gliders up to 700 kg and banners up to 140 m2.

towing equipment

Download the List of the HarmonyLSA and SportStar Max Optional Equipment approved by Evektor-Aerotechnik. For reliable and trouble free function of all aircraft systems avoid installation of any equipment which hasn´t been approved by Evektor-Aerotechnik.

6 Responses to Harmony LSA

  1. French Ball says:

    Do you have planes available for demonstration? At which airport? Thanks.

    • Amy Minnich says:

      Sorry for the delay in response. Yes: Aircraft are available for demo/orientation flights through Dreams Come True (DCT) Aviation in the midwest at 3OH0 New Carlisle OH. We will also be at the Midwest LSA Expo on the 5,6 &7 of September in Mt Vernon IL (KMVN). Demonstration/orientation flights are also available through AB Flight in Allentown PA, Queen City Airport (KXLL).

      Best Regards,
      Amy Minnich

      Steve Minnich

  2. John A. Urban says:

    What is the price in US dollars and has this LSA been approved for glider towing in the US?

    • Amy Minnich says:

      Hi John,

      The cost for a new aircraft depends on the equipment installed. The range is from 118,000 – 206.000 with most being imported at 155,000 – 165,000 USD. There are also several used planes currently on the market. What type of instrumentation or capabilities are you looking for in your plane?

      The FAA authorizes properly equipped and certified S-LSA to tow Light sport gliders and unpowered ultralight vehicles IAW 14 CFR 91.309. The stated tow limit on the Evektor is 700kg (reduced to 600kg 1320lbs for Light sport rules). Both the Harmony and the Sportstar Max can be equipped and certified for these towing operations.

      Theoretically a used aircraft could be retrofitted; however the factory has never created a retrofit kit or authorized this as a non- production retrofit. Under the LSA rules the tow package would have to come from Evektor along with and a Letter of Authorization from Evektor. I would be the one interfacing with Evektor and importing your order. There are significant structural differences making this a major modification.

      We have some excellent used aircraft and look forward to working with you if you wish to have one built with your desired options. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      Best Regards,
      Amy Minnich
      DCT Aviation, LLC
      (937) 409-9303

  3. I am interested in the Evektor Harmony. I notice it has one of the best useful loads in the LSA Catagory and that is real important to me because my wife and i like to take weekend trips and with luggage and almost full tanks we would be pushing 620 lbs. Do you have any information you could email me about pricing and what you have in stock? I am almost ready to take my Sport Pilot Exam and am weighing my options right now . Thank You
    Dr. Joe Adkins

    • Amy Minnich says:

      Dear Dr. Adkins,

      I sent the following message direct to your email with attachments:

      Thank you for leaving a comment on our website. I wish you the best of luck with your Sport Pilot Exam! What are you training in now? Is your wife working on her certification too?

      You are absolutely correct; the Harmony has one of the best useful loads in the industry – starting at 699lb. What other aircraft have you looked at?
      The only Stock models of Evektor aircraft in the USA are those owned by the Evektor USA Representatives. These were aircraft purchased for the purposes of demonstration for a particular region of the USA and brought to airshows. Have you been to any LSA airshows such as Sun N’ Fun, Oshkosh, or DeLand?

      The starting price of an Evektor aircraft is $100,576.50 but you can make it as expensive (and heavy) as you want.
      That is because you get to personally design your Evektor:
      Evektor has 5 panel configurations from you to choose between. Please view the enclosed document 2017 Panels – Evektor Harmony LSA.
      Do you want a Day, Day/Night, or IFR Trainer?
      Do you want Carbureted, Fuel Injected, or Turbo Engine?
      Do you want a standard analog panel, or a glass panel from either Garmin or Dynon, or do you want a variation with an I-PAD mount?
      How high do you want your seats?
      Do you want a stall speed alarm?
      BRS parachute?
      …I could keep going, and I would love to, if you want to go down that road. The point is, a stock model wouldn’t satisfy an Evektor aircraft owner. An Evektor owner wants an aircraft that fits their unique mission and personality. A general overview of all package pricing is enclosed. Let me know which package you prefer, and I will provide the user-friendly form (pricing sheet) for that package.

      If there is any way I can help you further please feel free to call or email any time.

      Best Regards,
      Amy Minnich
      Dreams Come True Aviation LLC
      Evektor Aircraft Sales Representative
      Evektor USA Parts Manager
      LSRM & iRMT
      Cell: (937) 409-9303
      Toll Free: 1-800-883-1897

      Can also be reached at: amymarieminnich4@gmail.com

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