Flight Schools

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The PowerPoint below was created to help you determine how Evektor LSA’s can best support your flight school operations.

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Opportunities for Flight Schools using Evektor Light Sport Aircraft

  • Proven track record in flight training
  • Considerably lower purchase cost to buy new LSA (one half of new Cessna 172)
  • Lower airplane insurance (Established presence in US – lower hull values)
  • Lower operating expenses – consumables considerably lower than standard-category aircraft (oil, fuel, spark plugs, brakes … etc.)
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower hourly rates with higher profitability
  • Evektor LSAs help flight schools overcome barriers to refreshing aging fleets, offer the latest in avionics, and meet market needs through Sport Pilot, Private Pilot, Instrument, and into commercial certification
  • Excellent Visibility from Cockpit
  • Wide Range of Instrumentation Option


Total Cost per Airplane over a 5 Year Period

Based on Flight School Reported Costs

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cost comparison

Chart Cost Comparison

4 Responses to Flight Schools

  1. Robert Kessel says:

    I’m an IFR rated pilot that hasn’t flown in a couple of years…I’m 79 Years old
    and would like to purchase an Evektor. Are there any local flight schools near Pasadena, CA where I can train and purchase…?
    Robert Kessel

    • Amy Minnich says:

      Hello Robert,

      This is Amy Minnich from Dreams Come True Aviation, LLC.
      Thank you for leaving a comment on our website.

      The POC closest to you is Sunrise Aviation at John Wayne Airport, Pasadena CA. They have several Evektor’s for instruction. As for purchasing an Evektor, please tell us more about what you are looking for in your plane so we can further assist you.

      Best Regards,
      Amy Minnich
      DCT Aviation
      (937) 409-9303

  2. Thanks for sharing such useful information. I must say this article is really relevant, to the point and well written.

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