Flight School Graduates

The following Graduates’ Photos were provided by Prof. Paul Shuch of AV Sport of Lock Haven.

 thumbnail   Mel and Art leave on a checkride…thumbnail   …after which, Art gives Mel his Sport Pilot Certificate!

thumbnail   Art issues Pat his Sport Pilot license following a successful checkride

thumbnail   Jason had to fly to Allentown to take his checkride

thumbnail   Art issues Keith his Sport Pilot license

thumbnail   John gives Keith his graduation present, a five-pack of Molson Canadian beer. (What happened to the sixth bottle, John?)

thumbnail   Art issues Steven his Sport Pilot license

thumbnail   Keith celebrates 2012 with a New Year’s Morning flight

thumbnail   Art quizzes John during his Sport Pilot practical exam

thumbnail   After a successful checkride, Art hands John his Sport Pilot ticket

thumbnail   Renter pilot Keith takes Shannon up for her first plane ride

thumbnail   Designated pilot examiner John Smith hands Art H. his Sport Pilot license, after a successful checkride

thumbnail   Adjunct flight instructor John (right) congratulates Art H. on completing his Sport Pilot rating in Art’s antique Ercoupe

thumbnail   Following a successful checkride, designated pilot examiner John Smith hands David B. his Sport Pilot license

thumbnail   Keith completes a checkride with examiner Todd Aungst, becoming AvSport’s second Sport Pilot to upgrade to Private Pilot

thumbnail   Bob Everett (left) receives his Sport Pilot license from examiner Art Tarola, following a successful checkride. Next step: Private Pilot!

thumbnail   Designated Pilot Examiner Art Tarola (left) congratulates an exhausted but elated John Prasko, following a successful Sport Pilot checkride.


The following Graduates’ Photos were provided by Flying 4 Fun - a Sport Pilot flight instruction company.

Congratulations to Scott Trotter who passed his practical test and became a licensed sport pilot on March 26, 2016.  Scott met with Designated Flight Examiner Jim Hinson at about 9 am and began the oral portion of his test.  Scott and Jim then took off at about 11:30 in the Evektor Sportstar for the flight portion of the test.

Scott Solo

About two hours later, N806EV was on final approach to Lodi Airport and after landing they taxied back to the Flying 4 Fun hangar.  When the engine was shut down and canopy was opened, I heard Jim tell Scott congratulations, he had passed.  Great Job Scott!  Fly safe and Fly 4 Fun.


Congratulations to Russ Gayda who passed his Light Sport practical test on May 16th, 2016.  Russ met with F.A.A. Designated Pilot Examiner Jim Hinson at the Flying 4 Fun hangar at Lodi Airport, (1O3).  He completed the oral portion of his test and was then faced with some turbulent wind conditions.  Russ said he struggled with the winds but Jim was very forgiving.


When he landed back at Lodi, he was awarded his temporary Sport Pilot License and will soon be tearing up the skies in a brand new CX4 experimental sport plane which he built himself.  Congratulations Russ!  Fly Safe and Fly 4 Fun!

Congratulations to new sport pilot Bob Andosca.  Bob was signed off to take his practical test and an appointment was made with Designated Flight Examiner Jim Hinson.  On Friday, Feb. 19, 2016, Bob met with Examiner Hinson and began the oral portion of his test.  Bob passed the oral portion but when it came time for the flight test, the wind had come up and was blowing very hard.  The decision was made to delay the flight until better conditions existed.  On Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016, it was a foggy morning but when the fog cleared, it was time for Bob to take his flight test.  We all watched as Bob and Jim took off into the wild blue yonder.  After Sportstar N806EV landed and taxied back to the hangar, we had a new sport pilot in our midst.  Congratulations Bob!  Fly Safe and Fly 4 Fun.

P.S.  Bob says autographed photo’s are $5

On August 9th, 2014, Student Pilot Rusty Sims flew solo in the Sportstar.  We were doing some training at Rancho Murieta Airport (KRIU).  The time had come for me to get out and send Rusty out to the pattern.  Rusty flew the pattern and did some very nice take offs and landings.  Congratulations Rusty!  Rusty will now be completing a few additional requirements of flight time to prepare for his practical test.


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