Questions About Buying an Evektor Aircraft:

How much does a new Evektor Airplane cost?

What’s the Difference between previous Evektor Models and the Harmony LSA? 

What canopy options are available?

Are the seats adjustable?

No, the pedals are 3 position adjustable.

Is a custom paint job possible?

What are the positives & negatives of Evektor Aircraft?

What are Evektor Aircraft known for?

Maintenance Questions:

Where can I find Rotax Manuals?

What oil, coolant, and fuel should I use on my Rotax 912/914?

What brake fluid should I use in my SportStar?

Maybe it’s the Spark Plug?

What is the initial pitch setting for my propeller blades?

Sport Pilot License Questions:

What is a Sport Pilot License?

Is there any benefit to getting  a Sport Pilot License over a Private Pilot License?

Can you show me a comparison of a Sport Pilot Certification to a Private Pilot Certification?

Can my Sport Pilot Training count towards a Private Pilot later on if I decide?      


What are the Requirements to obtain a Sport Pilot License?

I have a medical condition, does this disqualify me from learning to fly?

 I have a Private Pilot license, however, when my medical certification expires, can I choose not to renew it and qualify myself for a Sport Pilot License?

How long will it take to get my Sport Pilot license?

Flight training times can vary. The FAA requires 20 hours of flight training however, for many pilots, the actual training time is around 25 to 30 hours. The extra hours are simply at the wish of the pilot for feeling comfortable and confident that they have the understanding on how to fly a plane.

Okay, I’m excited now, what do I need to start my flight training?

A desire to learn. You will need to pass a ground school test which will open you to be able to solo in the plane when that time comes.

 Is there an age limit?

In order for a person to receive a Sport Pilot License, the person must be of the age of 17.
However, with a Student Pilot License, one may begin flying as early as the age of 16 (14 for a glider or balloon operation. The Student Pilot Certificate is only required when the person is exercising their solo flight privledges.

Safety Questions:

What are the safety systems in the aircraft?

Some of the safety systems you will find in our planes are 4 point harnesses, audible stall warnings, and some planes even have Ballistic Recovery Shoots (BRS)

Please visit our Safety page for more information.

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