Evektor Owners

Evektor has a new website, www.Evektor.com


Evektor SportStar for Flight Simulator X


We are glad you choose Evektor. We are here to help you. Please let us know if you have any questions, need an LOA, or would like to order parts.

Leave a comment at the bottom of this page to let us know why you love your Evektor!


Evektor Owners do amazing things!

  • Dr. Rafat Ansari (right) and Pilot Terry Schubert use their aircraft to monitor algal blooms on Lake Erie as part of a citizen science initiative. Click HERE to keep reading.


Broadcast on Live TV: Cleveland 19 News (8/22/2016)

Watch the Video: Video: http://www.cleveland19.com/story/32815565/monitoring-algae-blooms-in-lake-erie#

Article: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/citizen-scientists-monitor-lake-erie-algal-blooms

  • Evektor Harmony Takes 2nd Place in the 2016 AirVenture Cup Race Thanks to Pilot/Evektor Owner Joe Ryan! Click HERE to keep reading.




 By Dan Johnson (.com)

Articles and Videos: Evektor Harmony, SportStar MAX 

bydanjohnson specific to evektor



Evektor Bulletins:

Evektor list of bulletins icons

ROTAX Bulletins:

ROTAX documentation icon


Common Questions

Where do I find the Rotax Maintenance Manuals and Service Bulletins?

  1. Go to ROTAX’s official aviation site: www.flyrotax.com
  2. Once you are on their home page, click the service tab **If the service tab is not visible, click the blue horizontal lines in the top right corner that represent the drop down menu tab
  3. Then select “TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION” from the service tab
  4. Select your engine type
  5. Select the documentation you would like to see
  6. Then click “Search Database”

Where do I find the list of Evektor Bulletins?

  1. Go to Evektors NEW website: www.Evektor.com
  2. Click on “Sales and Support” in the middle of the menu at the top of the home page
  3. Click “List of Bulletins” in the middle of the second menu that is located just below the top Picture
  4. Select your aircraft type from the drop down list on the top left side of the screen (Be careful: the SportStar is the US version; the SportStar RTC is the European version. Likewise, the SportStar MAX PTF category is for Europe, not for the US. If you have a SportStar MAX in the USA, refer to the “SportStar” bulletin category)
  5. Click “Load more bulletins” to view more bulletins (If the ”Load more bulletins” button can still be seen, more bulletins exist that are not yet shown on the screen)

Where is the Evektor Parts Catalog? 

  • Look no further, just click here
  • The link is located on our “Order Parts” page
  • And on the Sales and Services page of Evektor’s Website

Can I get a replacement maintenance manual, POH, or other aircraft document?

  • Sure! Just email Amy your request, including N-number, and she’ll provide a digital copy as soon as possible. 

I want to make an alteration to my aircraft, what do I need?

  • You need manufacturer approval; if the alteration has been done before, you could have your LOA by the next day! Just email Amy the following information:
  1. Alteration Wanted
  2. N-Number:
  3. Serial Number:
  4. Owners Name:
  5. Address of Owner:
  6. Aircraft Total Time:
  7. Engine Total Time:
  8. Serial Number of the part you wish to install


2 Responses to Evektor Owners

  1. patrick harn says:

    Proud new owner of 2006 Sportstar and wanted to get on the list! If there is such a thing.
    Purchased N612KE (2006-0704)

    I know Evektor wants an updated owner list and need to find out how to let them know.

    I would love to get an updated POH.

    I want to order the following parts:
    PN 14328 Flap for venting window LH (1 each)
    PN 14329 Flap for venting window RH (1 each)

    Thank you,
    (206) 798-0979

    • Amy Minnich says:

      Thanks Pat and congratulations. We have the parts in stock and have sent you an e-mail on those. We are adding you to the distribution list we keep and forwarding you r contact information to Evektor.

      Best Regards

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