Evektor Harmony Takes 2nd Place in the 2016 AirVenture Cup Race

Dreams Come True Aviation would like to congratulate Mr. Ryan on getting 2nd place for his fantastic flying in the 2016 AirVenture Cup Race!


2nd Place Winner of the 2016 AirVenture Cup RaceMr. Joe Ryan, standing next to his Evektor Harmony



  • Questions: How did the race go?
  • Answer: “Not bad for a inexperienced racer.  Second place with average speed of 142.42 mph, and time of 2:48:37 over the 400-mile course.  I know I could have done better but they made us all land and everyone but me refueled.  So there went one advantage I had.  My inexperience showed how I handled the cloud layers that I flew under for 80 nm and cost me 25kts for that stretch.  I had a great time the aircraft ran flawlessly for 9.4 hrs and during the race at full throttle.  Thanks for the help” – JR
  • Question: I was reading our latest USA Evektor newsletter and Amy has a nice pic and a quote from you that said it ran flawlessly for 9.4 hours and at full throttle for the race — the race was completed in 2:48:37 what was the rest of the time?
  • Answer: The rest of the time was going out there and returning to Waunakee and flying into Oshkosh and back. The fuel burn even at full throttle was amazing. Filled at mitchel, forced to land at Owatanw then finished the race returned to C45 Portage filled tanks and still had ten gallons left. Amazing! Me being the rookie in the race up against 3 veterans as you might guess I made some mistakes that cost me. I know I could do better. Averaged 142 mph over the course. With the ideal conditions that would favor the Harmony I would have a chance at first place. For me it was not about winning but the fun. Great time would recommend it. Thanks for asking – JR
  • One more thing I would say is how nice it is to have that endurance when flying around bad weather and having the Dynons help keep me safe – JR
  • Question: Where can I go to learn more about this race?
  • Answer: http://www.airventurecuprace.com

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