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Harmony LSA

The Harmony LSA is the latest FAA approved S-LSA aircraft produced by Evektor and represents the next generation of the first FAA approved light sport aircraft- the SportStar. The Harmony LSA is the Ultimate Cross Country Touring & Training S-LSA. The new tapered wing, enlarged rudder & ailerons, more cockpit space and other innovations bring further comfort and performance enhancements. Click the link above to learn more about the Evektor Harmony or click the picture to watch videos about the Harmony. Typically certified as an S-LSA, however,  E-LSA Quickbuild Kit is also available.




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SportStar Max

The modern design, outstanding flight characteristics and half the operating costs compared to conventional training aircraft make the SportStar MAX the ideal airplane for Part 61 and Part 141 flight schools, PPL / Part FCL training in flight schools, and also for travelling. Typically certified as an S-LSA, however, E-LSA Quickbuild Kit is also available.

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EV-55 Outback

The advent of the new-generation twin turboprop aircraft, the EV-55 Outback is almost here. The highly anticipated aircraft provides a reliable and high-performance alternative for single-engine turboprop aircraft and obsolete twin-engine piston aircraft. The EV-55 Outback offers high productivity, operational reliability, easy and inexpensive maintenance to operators worldwide. Click the Link above to learn more or the picture below to see the EV-55 in flight!

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Quick Build

Click HERE to learn more.

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Interested in Owning or Co-owning an Evektor?

We’re glad to work with you and try to give you all the info that will help you make your decisions.

The pricing sheet provides the options available in each category along with their added weight and cost. Please note that the cost is listed in Euros and the weight in kg.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Evektor Aircraft Pricing:

Official Evektor Aircraft Pricing Sheet (PDF): Click Here to view.

Dynon IFR Trainer: Top of the line cross country touring aircraft equipped for IFR training and allows an upgrade to the fuel injected 912iS. Click Here to view.

Garmin IFR Trainer: The ultimate training aircraft designed for flight schools with students that plan to progress and make flying their profession. Click Here to view.

Warranty / Terms & Conditions:

Available upon request.


Towing / Gliders

The FAA authorizes properly equipped and certified S-LSA to tow Light sport gliders and un-powered  ultralight vehicles IAW 14 CFR 91.309. The stated tow limit on the Evektor is 700 kg (reduced to 600 kg 1320 lbs  for Light sport rules)  Both the Harmony and the Sportstar can be equipped and certified for these tow operations.

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