EV-55 Aircraft Versions

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Passenger Version:


High Level of Comfort

The interior of passenger versions of the airplane provides high level of comfort for 9 passengers – thanks to a long spacing between seats (32.7 ub / 84cm)there is sufficient room for legs.

The fully occupied airplane with 9 passengers and baggage has a flight range of 800 nm / 1480 km


**There is a version for 14 passengers- it is available only in the countries where the local regulations for air transport allow it.




Cargo Version: 

Productivity is priority  

Max. payload

  • 3 915 lbs / 1776 kg

Max. Floor Loading

  • 102lb/sq.ft  /  500 kg/m2


Available Cargo Space

  • Main Cabin: 334 cu.ft    /  9.47 m3
  • Rear Baggage Compartment: 334 cu.ft    /  9.47 m3
  • Front Baggage Compartment: 334 cu.ft    /  9.47 m3


Cargo Door Dimension

  • Width: 49.2 in  /  1,250 mm
  • Height: 54 in  /  1,370 mm

Tie Down System

  • Dividing Nets
  • Tie Down Straps
  • Tie Down Nets
  • 4 Floor Nets (Optional 5th)
  • Roller System (Optional)



Combination Version:

Versatile Business

The EV-55 Outback is a multipurpose airplane, that’s why we offer a version for combined transportation of passengers as well as cargo – and all this at the same time


Number of Passengers

  • 3-5

Max. Cargo Weight

  • 5 passengers: 1553 lbs  /  700 kg 
  • 3 passengers: 2202 lbs  /  1000kg

Available Cargo Spaceev-55-combi5pax

  • Main Cabin:
  1. 5 passengers: 106cu.ft  /  3.0 m3
  2. 3 passengers: 170cu.ft  /  4.8 m3
  • Rear Baggage Compartment: 95 cu.ft    /  2.7 m3
  • Front Baggage Compartment: 18 cu.ft    /  .5 m3



Other Versions:

Operation versatility is a key feature and the EV-55 with installed amphibious floats goes even further. The aircraft can be operated from the river or sea and still it can land on conventional airstrips. The EV-55 can fly with 2 000 lb (907 kg) of cargo for 400 nm (740 km) at speed of more than 170 knots.

Parachute Operation
The EV-55 design makes it ideal for parachute operations. It can climb easily to an altitude of 10 000 ft in just 6 minutes. The standard entry doors can be replaced with a roll-up door and the high wing design together with the T-type tail unit make jumping from the aircraft safe and comfortable.

Special Missions
From the outset the EV-55 is designed to be sturdy and reliable, capable of operating from short strips whether it is desert, tundra or mountain regions. Aircraft can be instrumented with necessary equipment thanks to high payload and two optional 300 A generators.

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