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  • Traveling Light Sport Mechanic
  • Rotax Certified
  • Evektor & Pipistrel Factory Trained Technician
  • Condition Inspection
  • Prebuy Inspection
  • Service Bulletin Compliance
  • Oil Change
  • Balance Carbs

Dreams Come True Aviation Maintenance

Amy Minnich – LSRM & iRMT

I am a fully trained Rotax Technician with over two years’ experience. The only thing I cannot legally do on a Rotax engine is an overhaul. At the moment, the only thing I am not willing to do is split the case to get into the crankshaft. Aside from those two areas, I have no limitations to working on a Rotax engine.
Since receiving my LSRM license, I have studied under A&P’s to gain specific training. Some of this training was for: various fabric restoration methods, fiberglass/Glasurit paint repair, and receipt/certification of new aircraft. In November of 2014, I went to Pipistrel Factory Training and Evektor Factory Training.
Typically, I travel to my customer’s hangar to work on their aircraft. DCT Aviation operations are run out of the following locations:
• Our Parts Department:    Dreams Come True Aviation LLC, 181 Kiser Dr. Tipp City, OH 45371
• Our Hangar:    Flying Angels Inc, 10639 Milton Carlisle Road, New Carlisle, OH 45344

Andy Barnhart Memorial Airport (3OH0)


References available upon request.
Estimates available upon request.
The time it takes to complete an inspection depends on the condition of the engine and the type of inspection being performed. For Example, a compression test and carburetor inspection should be completed at the 200 HR inspection, but is not required during a 100 inspection. DCT Aviation charges $65/hr for maintenance and $00.70/mile for driving our customer’s location. Attached is a basic quote to give you an estimate of how much a condition inspection may cost (if the scheduled maintenance were to take longer than quoted, you will not be charged for the additional time. However, if additional maintenance arises (not listed in Inspection Procedures/Checklists) you will be charged for that additional maintenance. 
Information I would need prior to working on your engine   
• N-Number:
• Rotax SN:
• Contact Info: 
• Aircraft Location:
• Billing Address:
• Total Engine Hours:
• Are there any known problems?
• Is the engine clean?
• Are the carburetors Balanced?
• Was the engine over-revved? 
• Are the brakes in good condition?
LSRM Information
I am a LSRM. I am not an A&P (yet). To learn more about the LSRM license, please view the FAA’s Advisory Circular regarding the certification of LSA repairmen that is attached to this email. The following excerpts from the AC show you that I am legally allowed to perform work, including the annual condition/100-hour inspection, on an Experimental as long as that Experimental is registered as a Light Sport Aircraft. 
CERTIFICATED PERSONS WHO CAN WORK ON SPECIAL AND EXPERIMENTAL LSA. Certificated persons who may perform work on special and experimental LSA are:
- An appropriately rated repair station.
- A certificated airframe and/or powerplant mechanic.
- A certificated repairman (LSA).
PRIVILEGES AND LIMITATIONS OF A REPAIRMAN (LSA) CERTIFICATE WITH A MAINTENANCE RATING. A person holding a repairman (LSA) certificate with a maintenance rating may perform maintenance and required inspections on SLSA and perform annual condition inspections on ELSA. The repairman can also perform ADs and or Aircraft Manufacturer Safety Directives issued against FAA-approved products installed on SLSA. Repairman privileges do not extend to performing maintenance on aircraft issued a standard airworthiness certificate or any kind of special airworthiness certificates other than those issued under §§ 21.190 and 21.191(i), even if those aircraft meet the definition of LSA as identified in § 1.1 (e.g., Piper J-3 Cub or RV-4). Each airman is also limited to the appropriate class of aircraft on which he or she received training (e.g., weight-shift-control aircraft or powered parachutes).
AC 65-32A Paragraph 3 Page 2 DEFINITIONS. r.
LSA Repairman “Maintenance.” U.S. FAA-certificated repairman (LSA) with amaintenance rating as defined by § 65.107 authorized to perform line maintenanceand return to service (RTS) aircraft certificated as Special LSA. Authorized to perform the annual condition/100-hour inspection on an LSA.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Best Regards,
Amy Minnich
Dreams Come True Aviation LLC
Midwest USA Evektor Sales Representative
Evektor USA Parts Manager
Rotax LSRM, iRMT,

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