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Train with the comfort of a Glass Panel


Safety of a BRS Ballistic Parachute

N905EH:2015 Sun N Fun in sight V2

Operated by Dreams Come True Aviation LLC

Operating from Andy Barnhart Memorial Field (3OH0)

Instructor: Scott Taylor (Grandson of C.G. Taylor)

*All Solo flight from 3OH0 requires Probationary Flying Angels Inc (FAI) Membership at a minimum*




905EH Panel at Night



Introductory (1 hour) Lesson:  $100.00


Non-Members and Probationary Members of  FAI

Aircraft: $110/Hour (Based on Hobbs)

Instructor: $30/Hour (Hobbs and Clock hours for private Ground)


FAI Members and Family

Aircraft: $100/Hour

Instructor:  $25/Hour


PrePaid Aircraft Block Time:

Non-Members and Probationary Members of FAI

20 Hour Block: $100/Hour

50 Hour Block: $95/Hour


FAI Members and Family:

20 Hour Block: $95/Hour

50 Hour Block: $90/Hour


Sport Pilot Prepaid Package**:

Non FAI & Probationary Members

20 Hours Dual $125X20   = $2500

10 Hours Solo $100X10   = $1000

Sport Pilot Kit (Gleim)    = $  119

Total                                      =$3619

Members and Family of FAI

20 Hours Dual $115X20 = $2300

10 Hours Solo $ 90X10 = $ 900

Sport Pilot Kit (Gleim) = $ 119

Total                                      =$ 3319

Note: private ground instruction or test preparation is at the instructor rates above

**Each student learns at their own pace and the length of time spent in training is dependent on many variables including student preparation, frequency of training flights, and personal motivation; therefore, Package pricing does not imply, warrant, or guarantee completion within any predetermined time limit.  Block and prepaid pricing rates continue for one full year from the initial purchase.

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