Aircraft Pricing

Evektor Aircraft are custom aircraft.

137 equipment options to choose from.

Request a copy of the 2017 pricing sheet to view all equipment options with their associative pricing/ weights adjust in real-time with your selection.


Base Price of Evektor Harmony is 87,365 Euros.

This means that Evektor’s Base Model Harmony LSA:

  • no bells and whistles, just what you need to fly
  • exchange rate: 1.1                                                                              
  • starting cost: $100,576.50
  • empty weight: 698.32lb
  • Description of Base Model is listed at bottom of page



Nicely Equipped Evektor Harmony LSA

Price Comparison

Total Purchase Weight & Price in lb / USD

Euro/USD Conversion rate used: 1.1

Full Garmin Version:   $131,371     769.75 lb   2017-full-garmin Dynon Full Version:      $139,995     783.96 lb 2017-full-dynon Dynon Glass Panel + Garmin NAV / COMM / XPDR + IPAD Holder                                  $138,246        777.02 lb 2017-dg1 Dynon Glass Panel + Garmin NAV / COMM / XPDR + 80mm backup ASI +ALT     $138,081     776.80 lb 2017-dg2 Analogue 6-Pack Version     $111,131  748.14 lb 2017-analogue

DT – Dynon IFR-Trainer Package:   $140,721   785.62 lb

(picture available upon request)

GT- Garmin IFR-Trainer Package:    $132,141   768.64 lb

(picture available upon request)



Equipment Included for Pricing Comparison:

  • Matco brakes – with Wheel Pants
  • WarpDrive Prop – nickel leading edge with tapered tips
  • Aux. Gen & Night Lighting – single landing light (dual landing light available on request)
  • NVFR back up ASI & ALT
  • Compass SIRS
  • High Back Seats – including headrest
  • Top Painted Sun Shade (Standard = no protection, Koger retractable shade also available, but slightly heavier + 0.33lb)
  • Defrost (heat & wind cooling)
  • Dual Control, Electric Trim for both Pitch and Roll
  • Oil Thermostat – highly recommended (be nice to your engine J )
  • ELT
  • Electric Fuel Pump



Common Upgrades:

  • *Matco Brakes:                                   $2,387                                   Increase Weight: 23.37 lb
  • *WarpDrive Prop:                              $825                                       Increase Weight: 1.00 lb
  • BRS Recovery System:                   $ 5,170                                  Increase Weight: 35.72 lb
  • *Night VFR Lighting:                          $ 5,428.5                              Increase Weight: 21.62 lb
  • Rotax 912iS / 914                    $ 8305   /   $ 12650                    Increase Weight: 20.95 lb

* indicates item is already included in packages quoted above


Current Pricing Sheets

  • Available upon request.


Interested in Owning or Co-owning an Evektor? 

  • Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.


Starting an LSA flight school?


Why is Buying an Evektor LSA a Cost-effective Decision?

  • Considerably lower purchase cost compared to General Aviation                                     (one half of new Cessna 172)
  • Lower airplane insurance (Established presence in US – lower hull values)
  • Lower operating expenses – consumables considerably lower than standard-category aircraft (oil, fuel, spark plugs, brakes … etc.)
  • Lower maintenance costs


Scenario: Goal Empty Weight

Goal Empty Weight is 799.48 lb. For under $140,000, you can purchase a brand new Evektor Harmony, with a

  • panel fully equipped with the latest Garmin Avionics
  • Rotax 914 Turbo Engine
  • Best Propeller / Brakes / etc… including equipment for Night VFR
  • Empty Weight as low as 792.79!
  • Leaving 7.01lb for Performance :)

Weight Consideration:

  • Full Tanks (31.7gal) – 190.52lb
  • Passengers – 280lb
  • Baggage – 50lb
  • Total = 520.52 lb
  • LSA Weight Limit = 1320 lb
  • Goal Empty Weight = 799.48 lb

I did not want to take away from your performance buffer, but you could also add the following equipment for an additional 3.41 lb and still be under the empty weight limit (new empty weight would be 796.20lb):

  • “Car” pedals
  • Sliding Ventilation Windows
  • Cockpit Isolation
  • Stall Speed Alarm



Base Model

Engine instruments: RPM indicator, Cylinder head temperature indicator (°C or °F), Electric fuel quantity indicator, Oil temperature indicator (°C or °F), Oil pressure indicator (MPa or psi) Flights instruments: Air speed indicator (knots or km/h), Altimeter (feet or m), Magnetic compass, Vertical speed indicator (ft/min or m/s), Bank indicator Firewall forward: Rotax 912 ULS (100 HP inclusive slip clutch and Airbox), Propeller Propuls AES 1700/3/R, (composite, ground adjustable, spinner), 12 V battery, Exhaust system, Combined engine cooling, Dry sump forced engine lubrication, Two spark electronic ignition system, Electric starter, AC generator, Engine oil check cup Controls: Dual hydraulic brakes (4 pumps), Dual control sticks, Mechanical flaps, Longitudinal, lateral, flaps and nose wheel control through push / pull rods, Throttle control with friction lock, Adjustable pedals, New design of instrument panel, Press-button circuit breaker, Nose wheel steering, Combined starting switch, Choke lever Interior: Ventilation system with NACA inlets and canopy side eye-ball vents, Standard seats with low back rests, De luxe lined interior, Four points seat belts, Padded seat belt shoulder straps, Side map pockets, Arm rests, Aft baggage compartment with luggage nets, “Open / Closed” canopy alert, 12 volt auxiliary outlet Exterior: Advanced all metal anodised and corrosion-proofed airframe, All joints of construction riveted as well as bonded for long service life, All heads of pop rivets filled with mastic for longevity of riveted joints, White colour painting, Tricycle landing gear with steerable nose wheel, Main Tires 15×6.00, Nose Tire 15×6.00, Tinted canopy with UV protection, Automotive type latching mechanism with separate canopy lock, Integral wing tanks 120 l (2x 60 l), Vortex generators on the wings for US market                                                                                                                                Accessories: Ground equipment, Canopy cover, Pilot operating handbook, Maintenance manual, Log book, Set of aircraft test records




4 Responses to Aircraft Pricing

  1. Anne Conwell says:

    Hi, was interested in the pricing sheet for the Harmony.


    • Amy Minnich says:

      Hi Anne,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on our website! I hope you received the information I sent you via email. Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Best Regards,
      Amy Minnich

  2. Shane Bruhn says:

    Hi, I am interested in the cost of a LSA. Could you please send me some information. Thanks Shane

    • Amy Minnich says:

      Hi Shane,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on our website. I hope you received my email containing the following information:

      The price of an Evektor aircraft is determined by two factors; exchange rate (euro to dollar) and equipment installed.

      The base sale price of a new Evektor Harmony LSA is around a hundred thousand dollars at the current exchange rate. I have never seen an aircraft come in at the base sale price because most pilots want more equipment than only the equipment necessary to fly Day VFR.

      When you design your Evektor Harmony, you get to choose almost everything:
      Engine, propeller, steam gauges &/or glass panel, radio, transponder, intercom, brake system, lighting system, rescue system, trim, interior, exterior, other accessories (sun protection, size of seat, etc…)

      These options are listed on the pricing sheet. Our pricing sheet is interactive; meaning when you select the quantity in column A, the total price and total weight will calculate automatically (in the box at the top of the page). The pricing sheet I sent to your email has options pre-selected to show an example of a Night VFR configuration.

      Please let me know if you already have a general idea of the equipment you need. I can provide a customized pricing sheet with your specifications.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Best Regards,
      Amy Minnich
      Dreams Come True Aviation LLC
      LSRM, iRMT, Parts Manager
      (937) 409-9303

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