Algal Bloom – Research performed by Dr. Rafat Ansari in his Evektor Aircraft

Dr. Rafat Ansari (right) uses his Evektor SportStar to monitor algal blooms on Lake Erie as part of a citizen science initiative.


Broadcast on Live TV: Cleveland 19 News (8/22/2016)

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Dr. Ansari has modified a color GoPro camera into an IR (infra-red) imaging camera.

Dr. Ansari Algal Bloom Picture 1

” This will be helpful in our scientific investigation of harmful algal bloom work in Lake Erie and nation’s water ways.


Dr. Ansari Algal Bloom Map




Yesterday. I flew this and the regular camera with Terry Schubert (Long EZ airplane). This is the flight track:

June 26-2016 -

Dr. Ansari Algal Bloom Picture 3

Photographs over the Avon Lake Power Plant and over the OWC (Old Woman Creek) ODNR Research Station near Huron Rover.



Dr. Ansari Algal Bloom Picture 4


All the data will be available for anyone to see (free-of-charge) for research purposes at the CSU (Cleveland State University) server. More info is on our NASA website:

Dr. Ansari Algal Bloom Picture 2









Evektor Article:


Meet the man behind the research.

New Video  
NASA: Masters wit Masters 33 (Dr. Rafat Ansari)
With Dr. Rafat Ansari, Senior Scientist, NASA GRC

In 2016, an Evektor Aircraft owner, Dr. Rafat Ansari, started an independent citizen science initiative. Dr. Ansari uses his SportStar MAX to study the water quality and algal bloom while monitoring the nation’s waterways in support of the NIH (National Institutes of Health).

Science is not just a weekend hobby – Dr. Ansari is a leading scientist at NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) in Cleveland, Ohio. Throughout his career, Dr. Ansari conducted a lot of breakthrough science, including light scattering technology, that lead to many new technologies. Dr. Ansari’s research has not only impacted the biomedical area in terms of people’s health here on earth, but also in space, for astronauts. Dr. Ansari has even developed methods to diagnose diseases non-evasively and quantitatively before clinical symptoms appear.

Learn more about Senior Scientist Dr. Ansari and his experiences as a Master Practitioner in this NASA Masters with Masters series video.


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