5yr Rubber Replacement Kit

5 Year Rubber Replacement Kit includes:

12383              Rubber Washer                                    1pcs

37195              Rope                                                    2pcs

7913                Silent Block of Annunciator                   1pcs

7244                Silent Block                                          8pcs

7578                Fuel Hose                                             7pcs

8616                Rubber Elbow 110                                2pcs

8617                Rubber Elbow 90                                  2pcs

26229              Rubber Hose for ROTAX Cooler            .5m

43580              Water Hose                                          1.5m

8595                Oil Hose                                               1.8m

15577              Connecting Hose 35mm                        2pcs

8755               Objimka Karburatoru                             2ks

15497              Hose from Carburetor                          .4m

73823              Hose from Carburetor                           2pcs

73824              Carburetor Membrane                           2pcs

64424              Compensatory Tube Hose                     2pcs

12715              Rear Muffler Mount                               2pcs

860-826           Rubber Plate                                        1pcs

881-920           O-Ring Kit                                            1pcs

If your aircraft has wing tanks, you will need 3 additional meters of fuel hose.

If your aircraft has the oil thermostat installed, you will need 1 additional meter of oil hose.


The need to replace all rubber parts is not a requirement set by Evektor, but a ROTAX requirement that Evektor upholds. The ROTAX Line Maintenance manual dated 09-20-12, Section 05-10-00, paragraph 2.1  page 8 and subject head “Time limit for rubber parts” is the section that mandates that all 5 year rubber parts must be replaced. That section states that the following components and systems must be replaced every 5 years:

- venting hose of the carburetors

- all rubber hoses of the cooling system

- all rubber hoses of the fuel system (not-including teflon hoses)

- all rubber hoses of the lubrication system which are part of the engine supply volume and if they are not in the maintenance schedule of aircraft manufactuer

- carburetor sockets

- connecting hose of the air intake system

- diaphragm on both carburetors

- rubber hoses on compensating tube

- v-belt

- Fuel pump and insulating flange, if this is fixed with fuel hoses

*note: ROTAX Engines are tailored to suit the equipment they run. Therefore, Evektor Aircraft are not equipped with all items listed above (such as the v-belt).

To read an article that discusses the reason for the 5 year rubber replacement please visit: http://www.rotax-owner.com/rotax-blog/item/20-the-task-at-hand-rotax-5-year-rubber-replacement




Due to the dramatic differences between Lycoming/Continental engines compared to ROTAX engines, ROTAX has set guidelines as to who is allowed to work on ROTAX engines denoted in Section 05-00-00 paragraph 1.2 page 4 subject head Authorized Personnel. That is why many ROTAX owners have their work done by a ROTAX certified mechanic who has been to the factory training workshop and holds the following certificates: Inspection, Line Maintenance, and Heavy Maintenance.

Evektor only reiterates the ROTAX mandatory safety bulletins, optional bulletins are not duplicated by evektor.

You and your mechanic/repairman need to review the service bulletins for the aircraft and for any manufacturer of the equipment installed on your aircraft. Web link is: http://www.evektoraircraft.com/en/service-support/list-of-bulletins/sportstar

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